What Is Art Therapy?

Kaily Ritz, specializes in using art therapy and combines a range of modalities from a holistic, trauma-informed and mindfulness-based approach. Art therapy is based on the idea that the creative process of art making facilitates healing and recovery. Recovery is an active, creative, transformational process and sometimes words alone are not enough to explore individual experiences and feelings.

Art therapy provides an outlet for individuals to use metaphor and symbol to communicate emotions and challenges they may face. The art process can allow individuals to explore unknown facets of themselves, communicate non-verbally, and achieve insight. Art therapy is a multifaceted approach and expression takes various forms within the therapeutic space. Kaily seeks to utilize the art process in ways that best support each individual client’s needs. She uses a wide range of art materials and processes including drawing, painting, clay, sculptural work, collage, mixed media, and visual storytelling.



art therapy

In her work, Kaily utilizes mindfulness and the core belief that individuals can connect to a deeper sense of self and meaning through the art process in the present moment. Kaily believes in the power of the sacred therapeutic collaboration and facilitates an environment in which individuals can connect to themselves and find joy in the art process, acknowledging how these pieces contribute to overall well-being. Art making can promote inner growth, self confidence, and exploration during times of stressful change and development. Making art is a means of safely expressing otherwise destructive urges and experiencing a safe sense of reality, or aliveness. Images can be created and processed for interpersonal discovery and insight. Since art making involves the whole body and is both sensory and kinesthetic, the very act of shaping and working with materials can be a source of healing. Having an effect on even a small piece of material reality is a powerful antidote for feelings of shame and helplessness. For those who are isolated facing life challenges, making art can truly enhance the quality of life.