Women’s Dream Group

The Dream Group will meet once weekly for four weeks to explore how dreams can help us better understand what is happening in our daily waking life. Lourdes Hernandez uses the work of Carl Jung, through Jungian Therapy, to support members in their journey to uncovering meaning and purpose behind dream states in a way that allows members to find clarity and healing.

Jungian therapy (analysis) is a specialized form of psychotherapy based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. This therapeutic approach is based on the notion that psychological experiences and conditions find their reference “below the surface” in the unconscious mind. By emphasizing the primacy of affect or emotion as the central organizing principle of psychological life within a therapeutic relationship of mutuality and empathic resonance, this therapeutic modality encourages the innate healing capabilities resident in each of us. As we work with emotional disturbances, life struggles, and dream or artistic images, unknown or neglected aspects of the personality come into focus, seeking our care and attention. Emotional pain finds relief as the patient accesses their inner wisdom, self-acceptance, and authenticity -- enabling them to move from stuckness into meaningful transformation.



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Cost: $100 for 4 weeks - Medicaid Accepted
Time: Boulder- Thursdays 7-9pm
Longmont - Wednesdays 6-8pm

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