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Meet Gertie Breffle MA, LPCC, EMDR-II, MST

Sessions with Gertie take on a mentor, down to earth, gritty feel. Gertie believes in the therapeutic relationship being a human to human relationship and within that context she facilitates the healing process within clients as a collaborative effort. Gertie’s orientation is using the body’s and nervous system’s natural capacities for healing along with human relationship to engage in the healing process. Using techniques and practices from the latest trauma research as well as attachment frame working, Gertie helps clients learn to use body/mind practices as well as attachment framework to heal and strengthen relationships with self and others, and to heal the nervous system in addressing concerns with trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationships. Gertie uses a combination of techniques and practices from the latest trauma researchers, as well as EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Multi-systemic Family Therapy, and mindfulness practices. Gertie facilitates strengthening and healing relationships with self and others within the contexts of individual therapy, couples therapy, teen and family therapy, as well as group therapy.

Individual Therapy

Gertie works with challenges with trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship challenges in individual therapy work. Gertie uses a combination of EMDR, body/mind practices, attachment work, and trauma management work to address concerns with trauma, overwhelming emotional states, and adverse life challenges. The body and human relationships are powerful tools in facilitating the healing process in these challenges. As a wilderness therapist, Gertie facilitates the relationship between clients and nature as a tool and resource for the healing process.  The wilderness is a safe, supportive, healing environment and relationship for engaging in one’s healing and personal growth.  Gertie has a deep instinct for heartfully blending human relationship with nature and fostering healing and growth from there.

Couples Therapy

Gertie uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in her couples therapy work. Our emotional system in Emotional Focused Therapy is considered to be our relational system. As we begin to tune into our emotional responses to our internal and external experiences of self and others, we begin to restore and repair our relationships. In therapy we dive in and begin to understand our own and one another’s profound internal experience and desires as we slow things down and begin to tune in to our moment to moment experience in times of conflict, sharing, and life challenges, we begin to learn to connect and attune to each other and restore, repair and strengthen a secure bond as we come to know each other and work together in a big way.

Teen and Family Therapy

Gertie uses a combination of Multi-systemic Family Therapy (MST) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in working to repair and strengthen family bonds as well as support teens in struggles with anxiety, depression, addiction, school concerns, and adverse life experiences. Gertie has a passion for working with teens and has worked in capacities such as tutoring, swim coach, mentor, and therapist for the past 10 years. Gertie uses a gritty, down to earth, mentor relationship with teens to create a safe space for teens to talk about their challenges. Using MST Gertie works as a team with the family to address family structure and find ways to support teens in working through mental health challenges and addiction, getting the support they need in the community, engaging in their passions, and tackling challenges with school and within the community. Strengthening family relationships and connection is a powerful way to support teens in tackling life challenges. Gertie does both individual and family work with teens.