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Meet Paula De Oliveira Santos, MA, RP

Paula has a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Transpersonal Art Therapy. Her passion is to help individual's lives become enriched by meaning and self-empowerment through creative modalities. Paula believes that all healing work needs to be holistic,  through healing not only the mind but also the body (wellness), heart (emotions and expression), and spirit (meaning making, soul work, spirituality). Paula is trained in art therapy and transpersonal counseling and enjoys working with all ages, though she specializes in trauma work with women and children. Paula's work centers in women empowerment and she brings an extensive history of working with domestic violence and childhood trauma. 

Paula uses art therapy to expand client's imaginal space, thus creating a space of healing beyond words. She applies Jungian art therapy into sessions, where shadow work and metaphor work is welcomed into the healing process. Paula believes that mindfulness is equally important in trauma work, as she feels that trauma is an illness of not being fully alive in the present moment. Paula views her work with clients as being very collaborative. She believes you bring a lot to the table and that you carry your own inherent strengths and assets into the room everyday and focuses therapy on strengths based approaches. Paula knows that healing doesn't just happen in the therapy room, but rather that we must consider the social framework of your life and help advocate and connect you to resources that will support you once you leave your therapy session.