We work with people in traditional individual sessions, as well as offering EMDR Therapy, Wilderness Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Jungian Analysis, Family Therapy, and provide both EFT and PACT Couples Therapy. Our work primarily focuses on supporting people who have experienced significant struggles related to relationships, stress, overwhelm, trauma, and addictions.

This is completely possible, even when it feels so overwhelming and dark.

We focus on working with people (4-100 years old) who have experienced chronic and complex early childhood difficulties, and have supported people as they transform from a place of feeling like they are "broken beyond repair" to a state where they can move forward from the past with confidence, wisdom, and compassion.

Please feel free to connect so that we can see if we are the right match.

At Integrating Insights we are glad to be able to offer a wide array of services with a diverse array of therapists and training backgrounds.

Our Services:

Veteran Services

PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal thinking, difficulty re-engaging in the community can feel insurmountable. There is hope, there is a way out. We know how to work with these symptoms very effectively for those who have served, even if you have never seen combat.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and it is the Gold-Standard for Trauma therapy. Clients who have engaged in this practice work through difficult past experiences so rapidly, often quicker than they ever thought.

PACT Couples Therapy

The basis of this style of therapy is rooted in the interconnection between neurobiology, attachment, and arousal/affect in the nervous system. We support couples in working through the underlying issues deeply rooted in relationships.