Welcome! I am excited to announce that we have changed our company name from Insight Psychotherapy + Consulting to “Integrating Insights” as the mission and practice of our work has deepened to include new practitioners who offer a variety of mental health disciplines. The new name better encompasses our mission to create full mind-body healing in a deeply integrated way. Please check out our variety of therapists and services, and see how we can better support your journey in wellness!
— Lyndsey Ryan, LPC, LAC, EMDR-II Executive Director + Trauma Therapist

We all have a desire to live full, rich lives - yet sometimes there is something that  stands in the way...

 Together we work to create a safe space to begin exploring what's been happening in your life that is causing difficulties. When we become wrapped up in stuck patterns it is often connection with others that we need most, yet this is what is difficult to maintain.

At Integrating Insights we help people find freedom in their minds and lives again using a curated model grounded in mindfulness-based, Art, Wilderness, Group and EMDR-aided, trauma and attachment therapy.  We firmly believe in each person's ability to heal from patterns and memories that cause so much pain. Our work focuses on helping people find more meaning, peace, and vibrancy in their lives. 

If you are a Post 9/11 Veteran or a Veteran who has experienced military-related sexual assault, you qualify for confidential, unlimited, free services. Please explore the Veterans Services page to get started!

We believe that connecting with a therapist who speak your native language and understands the culture is very important! For that reason, we offer services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.

We specialize in working with people who are experiencing:

  • anxiety

  • panic

  • depression

  • trauma +PTSD

  • feelings of abandonment

  • managing stress

  • performance anxiety

  • separation anxiety

  • early childhood trauma

  • borderline personality disorder/traits

  • difficulty working with emotions

  • sexual assault and domestic assault survivors

  • addictions

  • adult children of alcoholic and addicted parent

  • grief and loss

  • chronic illness

  • auto-immune illness, including CIRS, Lyme Disease and Mold Illness

  • traumatic brain injury

  • combat trauma

  • impulsivity

  • anger

  • shame

  • guilt

  • highly sensitive people (HSP)

  • feeling checked out and dissociative disorders

  • mood disorders

  • relationship difficulties

Meet Our Therapists


Lyndsey Ryan MA, LPC, LAC, EMDR-II

Lyndsey specializes in a neuroscience and somatic approach to distress related to high stress events, trauma, and difficulties in relationships.


Teresa Pavlisick, MA, LPC, LAC, EMDR-II

Teresa specializes in supporting adults who have struggled with high stress and traumatic events during the course of their life. She takes a customized and mindfulness-based approach to helping clients alleviate distress and meet achieve their aspirations for health and wellness.

jennifer_macniven_ mark-9054.jpeg

Mark DuMars, MS, MA, LPCc, EMDR-II

Mark specializes in counseling and group services offered by a Veteran with over 45 years of experience helping veterans and civilians through major trauma, substance abuse, life transitions, spiritual inquiries, suicide attempts and natural disasters.

Jieun Gu, MA, RP, EMDR-II

Jieun Gu, MA, RP, EMDR-II

Jieun specializes in empowering clients from diverse races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, spiritualities, and socio-economic backgrounds. As a Korea-born immigrant, she is culturally sensitive and respectful of clients’s diverse backgrounds. She has closely worked with clients who have been suffering from addictions and co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety due to various trauma and PTSD.

Cristina Arias, MA, LPCc, MFTc

I offer depth, humor, compassion and the ultimate belief in every person's potential. I work in a psychodynamic, Jungian, somatic, archetypal, complex, multicultural, play therapy, art therapy, inclusive, LGBTQ+ and a social justice perspective. I am trauma informed and trained. I offer services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Gertie Breffle MA, LPCc, MST, EMDR-II

Gertie specializes in body-based movement, Wilderness Therapy, EFT Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and trauma resolution

Fabio Fina.jpg

Fabio Fina, MSW, LSW

I spent the past ten years, facilitating hundreds of men's groups, restorative justice circles, and helping folks moving from trauma and depression into a renewed sense of hope. I have successfully supported people struggling with the following experiences: sexual trauma and abuse, war and terrorism trauma, early childhood neglect and abuse, inner criticism, and perfectionism, sports trauma, and car accident injuries.

Kaily Ritz, MA, LPCc

Kaily Ritz, MA, LPCc

Kaily enjoys working with individuals of all ages and specializes in working with woman and children who have experienced trauma.

Kaily hopes to offer a creative option for individuals who want to resolve issues surrounding complex trauma, depression, anxiety, self-identity, chronic pain, grief, and other life challenges.

Lourdes Hernandez

Lourdes Hernandez, MA Depth Psychology, Jungian Analyst Candidate, EMDR-II

I consider the therapeutic relationship a sacred trust where emotional healing and self-realization are cultivated through the exploration of dreams, artistic expression, and interactive reflection. In addition to depth psychological approaches, I provide mindfulness training, EMDR trauma work, and effective self-care practices for the management of anxiety, depression, and other emotional struggles.

Forrest Ray Bio Pic .jpg

Forrest Ray, MA, LPCc

Forrest offers a deeply felt experience of empowerment, respect for the core of dignity in every one of us, and a heart that knows laughter as well as tears. He employs an array of techniques from the yogic traditions, modern modalities (such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Role-Play Therapy, and more), and finally he is just really good at listening and acknowledging that he cares about you.